While it may be a little dry (hey, we are athletes not mathematicians!), this is an excellent quick overview of 37 key stats and trends in the athletic apparel industry over the last 6 years written by Brandon Gaille. It has a global focus, as well as country specific highlights. One thing is for sure- the athletic apparel industry is here to stay! Check out the full article here: 37 Athletics Apparel Industry Statistics and Trends


  • The fastest growing rate of sale in the industry (worth $168B globally in 2017) are expected from the APAC region, with an anticipated CAGR of 6.9%. (Global Industry Analysts)

  • Over half of shoppers looking for athletic apparel research on their mobile device, and 53% of purchases are made online rather than instore. (Sports Chump)

  • Men and women make an almost even split of the customer base in athletic apparel (Men = 52% versus Women = 48%). (Allied Market Research)