While it does not delve into exact details, if you are not familiar with the sublimation printing process, this article published by the Online Clothing study is a great place to start. Sublimation is a printing method using computerised printing which can yield HD photographic printing, extensive colour choices, and flexibility when it comes to small batches of printing unique designs. As we learnt earlier this week, small brands in the swimwear industry have grown by utilising limited editions, seasonal collections, and even one-of-a-kind designs to propose a unique proposition versus the larger established brands. Read the article and learn about sublimation here:


  • When determining our printing method to chose you should consider two factors: your design and the quantity that you plan to sell per batch. The key factor with sublimation is the ability to print seam-to-seam designs.


  • Key positives of sublimation printing include: extensive colour options, the ability to have maximum detail, and it can be efficient for small production runs for flexible designs. The main cons are: it is not possible to print on all garments, there is no volume efficient (versus screen printing) for large orders of the same design.


  • Dye-sublimation can be particularly useful for swimwear as the design gets permanently dyed into the fabric therefore it will not crack, peel off, or fade- even in chlorine.