In our final instalment of our SWIMWEAR week, we would like to highlight 3 brands that have innovated in the category to produce stylish, but modest swimwear. Statistics indicate that 78% of American women indicate that they feel embarrassed in swimwear, with this number equally high around the globe; in Japan, 94% of women indicate they not feel comfortable (Japan Today). These brands have created stylish, but demure swimsuits that offer extra coverage. It is a fantastic example of fulfilling a gap in the market caused by both culturural and fashion-based factors.

Brands to Watch: 

1/ LYRA SWIMWEAR ( Launched in 2016, the brand aims to reflect the belief and values of women around the globe who seek to exercise through swimming. Their designs are based on “Hollywood classics”, but with modified levels of coverage.

2/ REY SWIM (  After giving birth to her second child, Jessica Ray caught a stylish, but slightly more modest swimwear range to her former “bikini uniform”. She designs and manufactures her collection in the USA and supports her brand on social media.

3/ PINKSALT ( Founded in the tropics, Pinksalt was created by a 45 and a 26 year old duo with the aim to appeal to both segments of their own age-market. Their collection is described as “modern, but a touch more modest than a bikini” with a range of one-piece swimsuits with full coverage fronts and open backs. The brand is based on Singapore and offers a specific Asian fit (i.e. shorter torsos) that many of the global brands do not offer.