A quick read which highlights the rise of 5 direct to consumer, online swimwear brands which have grown rapidly in a traditionally cluttered market. Swimwear is a category which women fear and often loathe shopping for due to sizing and fitting concerns. While online may not appear to be a ‘quick-fix’ to these barriers, brands such as Cocodune and Bikini Luxe have been successful due to a focus on customer service, social media marketing, and most importantly unique web interfaces that highlight extensive fitting guides and hassle-free returns. Reach the article and check out these innovative brands here:


  • While swimwear has traditionally been seen as a seasonal purchase, recent market trends indicate strong year round sales correlated to an increase in global travel to warm-weather locations. This market is expected to reach $28 billion by 2019 (Euromonitor)


  • Direct to consumer, online-only swim wear brands have emerged successfully by adopting innovative models to overcome the 2 largest purchase barriers in the category: price and sizing. For example Cocodune which has a ‘try before you buy’ policy. A consumer can select 4 swimsuits delivered for free, return what she does not want, and is only charged for the suits she keeps.


  • High margins, unique web interfaces, and the increase of year-long purchased have made the swimwear industry attractive to investors. While traditionally viewed as a cluttered market, the rise of these small, direct to consumer brands proves there is space for innovation and capital return when a brand can establish a strong USP.

Photo: Solid and Striped