An excellent article by Benoit Clement-Bollee, the CEO of Storefront highlighting that 41% of US Customers say they have left a brand because the brand did not provide relevant personalised experiences (Accenture Strategy Global Consumer Pulse Research) He maintains that in order to build customer loyalty, brands must redefine the shopping experience, with personalisation being key. We at BIG hold heartedly agree, which is why we are so exciting about our CLICK-KIT on demand solution, which allows brands to crate a unique consumer proposition.  Check out the full article here and learn more about CLICK-KIT here.


  • Using marketing tools, brands can identify behavioural data on their various customer groups such as “What have these customers bought before”, “What are they browsing now?”, and “When was the last time they purchased?”. This can create personalised offline experiences.

  • With the right data, smart brands will connect online consumer behaviours and preferences to offer an individual experience when customers enter their stores. For example, staff can show customers new arrivals from a particular designer that they have expressed interest in, or browsed online.

  • Transparency is key when creating a personalised experience, or customers can feel intruded upon. Make sure the information your brand retrieves online is given voluntarily and reward consumers for contributions.